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Mimosa hostilis root bark

Mimosa hostilis root bark comes from a tree well known locally as a black jurema. Mostly this tree exists in exclusive zones in Brazil and Mexico. This type of tree is famous between local shamans because their entheogenic properties. They use this plant as a spirit guide.

The chemical components found in the Mimosa hostilis root bark are the following: tannin, saponin, tryptamine, alkaloids, lipids, fitoindoles, xylose, phytosterols, glucosides, rhamnose, arabinose, methoxychalcones, lupeol and kukulkanins.

This kind of tree grow more than eight meters, all the flowers of this tree are white and they have a unique perfume, each of them have six seeds, which have a very brown color. The bark is a reddish brown with a yellow stem in the center. Mostly this kind of trees are very strong and they survive the forest fires and other ecological impacts and natural disasters.


Mimosa hostilis root bark uses:

Mimosa hostilis root bark is used as a leather dye, parasite prevention, to facilitate reforestation, it is a great resource of firewood and is resistant to putrefaction, for that reason this kind of tree is very useful for all kind of constructions, household furniture, and bridges of the cities.

The Mimosa tree root bark is used as well as a remedy for skin problems and injuries such as burns, and is commercially used in products for skin rejuvenation and hair, because its effects are so visible good. Studies proved that indeed possesses useful qualities. This root is very rich in tannins, saponins, alkaloids, lipids, phytosterols, glucosides, xylose, rhamnose, arabinose and lupeol. All these properties help to improve so many illness and diseases.

This plant is mostly is used as well in so many perfumery and cosmetics industry. It is used as well in the shamanic healing.Healing with Mimosa hostilis root bark The collection of this kind of tree is very delicate because it needs a lot of attention to not kill or damage the root accidentally. And the process of extracting the bark is even more delicate and it can take more than two weeks or so.

After the root bark harvest it is important to leave it to dry in the sun, this process can take one week or so. After the drying process the shamans start preparing their ceremonial drinks (bark, other sacred plants, indigenous medicines, and more).Mimosa hostilis root bark correct use and effects First of all the correct use of the Mimosa hostilis root bark are the following:

You must have 5 grams of Peganum harmala seeds in hot water. You must follow the same instruction with the 9 grams of Mimosa hostilis root bark in other cup or glass, but you must add lemon or lime juice.

When the two drinks are ready you must drink first the Peganum harmala and after 15 minutes drink the Mimosa hostilis root bark drink.

Some of the main effects or symptoms are the following:

First of all you will feel dizzy and nauseous, so if you need to throw, do it. Because you will feel so much better after this.

And about one hour or so you will feel a great ecstasy and the first vision will begin, such as flowers, fireworks, colorful forms, pretty colors, and more.

It is more than possible that you can see exotic animals in this vision, you will feel like you are in a wild world. Maybe you will be afraid at the start but after some minutes if you try to be in charge of your feelings and emotions you will enjoy the experience and for sure you will wish to repeat it again.

¿What you can do with Mimosa hostilis root bark?

This late days exists so many people selling this, and mimosa hostilis can be used , among other things, to make extractions of DTM.

Buy Mimosa Hostilis

Buy Mimosa Hostilis