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In this article we are going to explain in brief how to extract DMT from Mimosa hostilis root bark in powdered or finely ground form.
If you want to go deeper into the subject, very soon we will publish, with the sponsorship of Edabea, the book Vapear DMT, in which we detail the whole process and go deeper into its use for vapers.
First of all, we would like to emphasise that, although it is a relatively simple process, the products used can be very dangerous if the precautions indicated in this article are not taken.
Hexane is used as a solvent, which is extremely flammable, so the process must be carried out in a well-ventilated place and away from any heat source.
The dust from the mimosa can be very irritating and the dissolution of the mimosa with NaOH can cause burns and skin problems.
Therefore, you should wear safety goggles, rubber or latex gloves and a respiratory protection mask.
Take your time and follow the instructions to the letter, always looking out for your safety.
Furthermore, we want to make it clear that the sole purpose of this article is informative. The intention is to inform those who have already made the decision to extract for personal purposes how it should be done.

Let’s get started!

First of all, let’s detail everything we need.

– At least 200 grams of powdered or finely shredded Mimosa hostilis root bark.
– Hexane (we use n-Hexane 95% as solvent). We usually buy one litre for a matter of price and because it evaporates.
– Sodium hydroxide beads (NaOH). We usually buy 1 kilogram.
– Deionised water (we usually buy 5 litre bottles).
– pH measuring tapes or pH meter.
– Two one-litre glass bottles with caps.
– Funnel.
– Glass measuring cup.
– Two glass pipettes.
– Precision scales.
– 500-millilitre flask.
– Citric acid powder or vinegar for cleaning.
– Aluminium foil.
– Freezer.
– Razor blade.
– Rubber or latex gloves.
– Respiratory protection mask.
– Safety goggles.

Some of these materials can be substituted by others that you have at hand (the flask, for example, can be replaced by another glass container -although we recommend the flask for practicality, and while you buy the hexane and NaOH online you can buy a cheap flask- but you will be able to guess this as you see how the extraction is carried out). In any case, keep in mind that you cannot use plastic materials.

1. Weigh 100 grams of Mimosa hostilis and put them in one of the glass bottles with the funnel (we always carry out the whole process in two bottles, i.e. we need 200 grams, 100 in each bottle. This way we use the whole process to extract twice as much DMT). Be careful not to inhale or get the dust raised by handling the mimosa into your eyes, as it is very irritating.

2. Then add about 500 millilitres of deionised water.

3. In the flask, dissolve 75 grams of NaOH in 200 millilitres of deionised water.
BE CAREFUL! Add the sodium hydroxide beads little by little and move the flask in a circular motion, as it gives off a lot of heat and you can burn yourself.


4. Pour the contents of the flask into the container with the mimosa and deionised water.

5. Now it’s time to put a small piece of aluminium foil in the mouth of the bottle (so that the contents don’t come into contact with the plastic of the stopper), close it and shake it gently. I prefer to make circular movements with the bottle in a horizontal position so as not to create foam. Repeat this process several times for about an hour, changing the piece of aluminium foil so that it does not disintegrate inside the bottle.

6. We make a mark with a permanent marker pen on the bottle, at a point close to where it starts to narrow.

7. Add deionised water up to the mark. Stir again and leave to stand.

8. Now it is time to measure the pH: open the bottle, tilt it slightly and insert one of the measuring tapes until it touches the liquid. The pH should be 12 or higher. Generally we will go off the chart and it will be black.

9. Add 30 to 50 millilitres of hexane. REMEMBER! Hexane is extremely flammable and you should not inhale its vapour. The idea is to get close enough to the end of the bottle to be able to pipette afterwards

10. The crucial moment of extraction has arrived. The hexane has to pass through the mixture to extract the DMT and bring it back to the top of the bottle. To do this, again, we put a small piece of aluminium foil, close the bottle, hold it horizontally with both hands and make circular movements. Now it is crucial that no foam is generated. Experience is a skill in this step and the key is to make strong movements, which allow the hexane to penetrate the mixture and extract the DMT, but without generating foam. Take your time to polish your technique, but remember, don’t create foam! It is preferable to go slower and smoother, and check afterwards how much DMT you are extracting with your movements.

11. Gradually, the hexane will return to the top of the bottle, separating from the mixture in the form of bubbles, and dragging the DMT with it.

12. You have to wait until the layers are completely separated and there are no bubbles. I like to repeat this process several times (three or four) before removing the hexane from the bottle.

13. The next step is to remove the hexane. To avoid carrying away impurities or part of the NaOH, mimosa and deionised water mixture, we are going to use the flask again as an intermediate step. We fill it with deionised water up to 400 millilitres (or a little more, if that makes the next extraction into the glass flask easier). Always use the same pipette for this step, and a different one for the next one.

14. Take the hexane from the bottle and transfer it to the flask (I like to completely submerge the tip of the pipette in the flask, and then transfer the hexane back into the deionised water).

15. Once we have transferred all the hexane into the flask, the last step comes. We must extract the hexane into the glass flask. This is the most delicate step, as we must not let our pipette extract any of the liquid under the hexane, the deionised water with the impurities. It is better to leave some hexane in the flask as you can see in the picture.

16. Well, now we have our hexane and DMT extraction. Now all we have to do is put some aluminium foil on top, put the lid on the plastic jar and put it in the freezer.

17. Patience is important in this step. I like to do an extraction in the morning and leave it in the freezer all day, and in the evening, do the next step and do an extraction again and leave it in the freezer overnight.

18. When several hours have passed, you will see that the DMT has crystallised at the bottom of the container and that the solvent is still liquid. Now, very carefully, tilt the jar and pour the contents into a glass jar with a lid, slowly, so as not to drag any of the DMT with it.

19. Once you have removed the solvent, it is advisable to leave the jar at room temperature for a while to allow any solvent that has been left in it to evaporate, and also to allow the glass of the jar to reach a normal temperature. If there is any condensation on the sides, you can carefully remove it with a kitchen towel, being careful not to drag any of the DMT.

20. This is what it should look like after the whole process, at least for the first three passes. After that, the amount of DMT will decrease. It depends on many factors, but I usually do 8 or 9 passes, until there is no DMT in the pan after the freezing process.
the freezing process.

21. Now it is time to, preferably with a razor blade, remove the DMT and store it in a container to taste.

22. Some yellowing is normal and is due to the colouring of the root bark of Mimosa hostilis.

23.That’s it! You have your DMT… Now, it is time to repeat the process as many times as you want or as many times as necessary to extract as much DMT as there is in the mimosa root bark.

24. You can reuse the hexane as many times as you want, but keep in mind that it evaporates easily, so you will see how the amount of hexane decreases as you make extractions. It is a good idea to add more when you see that there is a shortage.


25. When you have finished, save the hexane and pour 200 grams of citric acid (you can also use cleaning vinegar, for example) into the bottle to neutralise the mixture and not harm the environment.

Buy Mimosa Hostilis

Buy Mimosa Hostilis